Focus group discussion

Focus group discussion is suitable for in-depth  study of the particular opinions and reactions in target-audience as well as research of   new creative solutions. The method allows you to see the respondents' behaviour, attitudes and emotions; understand and analyze motives and arguments  of respondents,  receive feedback and create new ideas.

Familiar methods are small focus group discussions (4-5 members ) in-depth interviews, expert interviews and discussions as well as the various tests (products, services, taste, design, etc.).

We provide specially equiped room for the  focus group discussion of the specially decorated room which is  comfortable for respondents  and it is tehnically suitable for carrying out the  audio/viedo records, information gathering and its preparation for the further analysis. During discussion we offer the opportunity to watch the process, and  also receive the simultaneous interpreting. Service includes the rectruitment of  the focus group discussion members.

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fokusa grupa